Samurai Jack: Season 5 Behind the Scenes


So we’re a little late with this one.  About a week ago, Adult Swim released a video about the Season 5 production of Samurai Jack.  The almost 8 minute video features the cast and crew talking about coming back to the show after a decade, the changes we’ll see in the show, and what to expect.  As previously announced, Samurai Jack Season 5 will consist of 10 (30 minute) episodes with an arcing storyline from start to finish.  They actually touch on the reason, which boils down to Tartakovsky and others pitching a Samurai Jack movie that would have attempted to finish off the series.  Repeated pitches to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim were passed on until Tartakovsky suggested an episodic series.  Mike Lazzo returned his call the next day.

As for the show itself, we’ve already heard the “darker & edgier” reference from the last news report.  Tartakovsky goes deeper into this, explaining that with the show being produced by Adult Swim rather than Cartoon Network, there is technically more in terms of what they can and cannot do in the show.  And while he could probably have Jack decapitating people with blood flying all over the place, they’re well aware the original series is watched by both kids and adults, and making sure the show will be watchable by all.

The video also covers the topic that the original show was crafted in old school traditional animation, where as Season 5 will be (like all shows now) digitally crafted.  And while the show is going digital, the crew is working hard to maintain the artistic style of the original, but admit that working digital gives them an advantage and the ability to do more.

Zero word on when the show will begin.  Since promotional material is starting to slowly roll out, sounds like it’ll be sooner than later.  Here is the video.



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